Jealousy Alert: Forum Member Buys Corvette Daytona Prototype

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Alright, prepare to get jealous, and I mean seriously jealous. Cause this next one is just about the coolest Corvette you could possibly ever own.

DaytonaPrototype4, a new Corvette Forum member, is good friends with a guy who just happens to own his own racing team, Bill Hubbel. For those who haven’t heard of him, Hubbel campaigns Daytona Prototype Corvettes around the world. Last month, he invited DaytonaPrototype4 to co-drive one of his DPs at Homestead. Needless to say, DaytonaPrototype4 got hooked on the car and decided that he desperately needed one of his own.


That’s when he found this beauty: a bright orange 2013 Corvette DP. It was chassis number 4, and raced professionally as number 4, which coincidentally is also the number DaytonaPrototype4 has been racing under since the late 80s.

“It was meant to be!” DaytonaPrototype4 says in a recent thread.

Now that fate has intervened, DaytonaPrototype4 has his Corvette DP and is getting it ready to race this June at Watkins Glen.

I just have to say, we all hate you here at the office, and we’re kicking you out. Just kidding, we’re so jealous it’s stupid. Good luck and have fun, we know you will. And welcome to the forum!

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