Pricey 800-Horsepower 1971 Corvette Convertible for Sale

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Would You Pay Six Figures for This Crazy 800-Horsepower 1971 Corvette Convertible?

This is one wild looking 1971 Corvette convertible, sure to grab attention anywhere you go. We tend to love crazy wide-body builds, and this one, currently for sale at Hemmings, is no exception.

An IMSA-looking body on a convertible is quite the bold choice. And when it is wrapped around a Shafiroff-built 598-ci Big Block with around 800 horsepower, that will certainly earn our interest. When you marry that much power to a Tremec 5-speed manual, our intrigue intensifies. The paint appears to be some shade of dark green, with enough metal flake in it to send a signal to space. The nasty side pipes are likely loud enough to set off alarms several counties over. A big wide-body needs big wheels to fit the look, so the car has been fitted with a set of 17 X 10 front and 17 X 13.5 rear.

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We’re not really sure how much original Corvette is left on this build, though. The car is said to be a custom tube-frame chassis with Wilwood brakes, and a mix of C4 and Viper suspension. Maybe the doors and the windshield frame? In any case, this is an interesting and unique build that supposedly only has 150 miles since it was finished in November. But it was the $148,500 asking price that grabbed our attention most. You know, after we picked ourselves up from the floor.

We are positive that this custom Corvette must have cost a lot of money to build, in parts and labor hours. Does that necessarily translate to a high asking price? Perhaps after years of building this car, the owner has either spent too much money and overextended his budget, or has built himself too much horsepower and is scared to drive it. After putting thousands of man hours building what must be your dream car, wouldn’t you want to put more than 150 miles on it? If this Corvette represents your dream car, though, it’s for sale in Sarasota, Florida.

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