Prius Drivers Get More Speeding Tickets than Corvette Owners?

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There is absolutely no way you could have convinced me of this before stumbling on this report. The idea that Toyota Prius drivers would get more speeding tickets than Corvette drivers just seems hard to believe under any circumstances. But apparently that’s the case, according to data pulled from a recent report.

The study indicated that the Prius C has the 20th-highest percentage of car owners who have reported getting at least one speeding ticket. And while the highest number of speeding tickets does include sports cars, the Corvette fell well below the average on the list because the owners tend to be older and more responsible because of the price of the vehicle, notes the report.

When it came to speeding tickets, sports car owners who topped the list drove the Subaru WRX, Pontiac GTO and the Scion FR-S.

There is a part of me, however, that wonders if news that Prius drivers get more tickets than Corvette owners is something that we should be proud of aside from the safety factor.

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