Relocate Air Filter and Battery for ATI Supercharger

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Procedure to
Relocate Air Filter and Battery for ATI Supercharger
Optima Red Top 75/35
Available off the
shelf at Pep Boys for $107
Vinyl Coated Steel Battery Tray $3 – Pep
Battery Hold Downs $3 – Pep Boys
Vinyl Coated Steel Battery Top
Hold Down $4 – Pep Boys
Battery Terminal Corrosion Protection $1 – Pep
Battery Terminal Covers – Black and Red $2 – Pep
Stinger 150 Amp Electronic Circuit Breaker Part Number
Stinger $10 Each
(2) Stinger Top Mount Battery Terminals $10
Feet of 4 Gauge Monster Cable (Red) $3/Foot
3 Feet of 4 Gauge Monster
Cable (Black) $3/Foot
12 feet of flexible black automotive wire
Insulated Battery Terminal Post Item: 228601—POWER POST
3/8 Price: $8.99 BoatUS
Misc. –
8\” x 1\” Thin Aluminum
(Available at Lowes)
Misc. Bolts
Tie Wraps
Air Ducting

4\” Silicone High Temperature Duct Hose
Part # THESS-400 4\”
$82.99 Racer Parts
Part Number 100-210(3) C5 Air Filter Red 69.99
(2) 4\”
SS Screw Clamps
On the passenger side rear
storage compartment, remove the storage tray and the cloth storage
compartment lining.
Remove the 8 Phillips screws supporting the
storage compartment lid assembly and remove the lid
Measure and drill holes in aluminum bar to match holes in
battery storage tray and mark and drill holes in bottom of storage
compartment. Place battery tray in compartment, using bolts, and washer
and secure aluminum bar on underside of compartment with nuts and washers.
Mount battery with posts towards the drive shaft rather then towards
outside side. Install terminal corrosion protection.
Drill two
holes for battery cables in side of storage compartment for battery cable
Measure, mark and drill to holes in side of storage
compartment for circuit breaker.
Mount battery in
Mount circuit breaker on side of storage compartment and
secure with bolts.
Put black automotive wire protector over
positive leads. Run positive lead thru storage compartment access hold,
over c-beam (thingy the drive shaft is surrounded by and over to
driver\’s side in front of rear wheels. Secure with tie wraps to
existing wiring harness that runs over the c-beam.
Remove front
battery access panel, remove front battery.
Use an electric wire
fish tape to fish positive electrical lead through rocker panels on driver
side and into engine battery compartment.
Run ground wire from
negative top battery post, thru access hole, and ground to
Do not remove original battery tray. Remove the back most
bolt from the battery tray and use this bolt to support the new positive
insulated battery post. Connect original battery post to new battery lead
on the insulated post. Cover with provided insulating cover.
wrap everything neatly.
Air Duct Installation:
existing air filter from ATI unit.
For ease in installation, remove
wiring harness from cruise control and two vacuum lines from cruse control
to ease installation. Disconnect wiring harness for cable that runs along
rear inside of forward wheel well.
Fish new flexible air duct under
cruse control support beam, under master cylinder, and up and around into
ATI air intake. Secure with screw clamp. Cut air duct to length. Install
air filter to end of duct and secure with screw clamp. Place on battery
Reinstall battery access panel. Reconnect all vacuum lines,
and electrical harnesses.

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