Procharged C7 Corvette Hits the Dyno for Some Testing

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One big blower and a little meth injection give this C7 Corvette supercar power with little effort.

Ah, power adders. Instant harbingers of fun. Most cars benefit greatly from a little boost, and the C7 Corvette is no exception. Especially when you’re talking Prochargers, some of the more potent superchargers on the market. We’ve seen any number of ‘Vettes produced big power with these blowers in place. And in this recent video from our favorite YouTubers Diablo Formula Racing, we get to see their ‘charged yellow C7 Corvette finally hit the dyno.

The D1SC Procharger isn’t the only power adder here, either. The C7 also sports methanol injection and a race blow off valve. Which they call “stupid, stupid, stupid loud. Almost louder than the exhaust itself.” Which is something when you consider that the car has 2″ long tube headers, an off-road x-pipe, and an MSD intake. Needless to say, we were expecting big things from this setup. And we weren’t disappointed.

C7 Corvette

With some jacked up tuning, the first run nets 628 whp. Pretty doggone impressive, we’d say. After sorting out some spark issues, the second run sees a marked improvement of 660 whp with 11 pounds of boost. Things continue to improve on the third pass, as the C7 Corvette reaches 671 whp. And then, a day’s best of 677 ponies. On SAE, things get even better, registering 693 hp at the wheels.

Not too shabby given the basic nature of the mods. And further proof that the C7 Corvette responds extremely, extremely well to a power adder and a healthy dose of tuning. No need to tear into the internals and beef things up – just a few bolt-ons, and you’re ready to go supercar hunting!

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