Project C700 Ups the Ante on the Stingray’s Roar

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Project C700

Project C700 – nice ring, huh?

Yup, and as you can hear in the video below, that nice ringing certainly isn’t limited to the code name for this custom Stingray, which comes to us from the team at CorvetteOnline.

Fitted with a Billy Boat exhaust system, the bolt-on upgrade puts out 412.2 rear wheel horsepower and 390.1 rear wheel torque, for an increase of 14.8 rwhp and and 12.1 rwtq over the standard C7, according to a GM Authority report. The more specific specs on the kit include long-tube headers, catted X-pipe, and bi-modal components.

Dyno Jet numbers

That said, reading about the upgrades doesn’t quite have the same appeal as hearing the Project C700 on the dyno or roaring on the tarmac at Willow Springs racetrack, as highlighted in the first video below.

For comparison, listen to the MagnaFlow Exhaust C7 in the second video.

We’ll let you be the judge of who wins this epic exhaust battle.

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Via [GM Authority]

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