Project Insane Asylum Corvette Up for Sale

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Sometimes people go off the rails and decide that what the world really needs is a twin-supercharged big block Corvette. Because the Z06 is for pansies.

This is project Insane Asylum. It was built by a guy by the name of Steve Kamis, who is apparently bat-crap nuts. This C3 skeleton features a 522 cubic inch Merlin racing V8 that’s topped with a pair of, yes two, Whipple superchargers. It’s also got fuel injection, aluminum heads, JE pistons, Isky camshaft, Eagle rods, and twin 4-inch exhaust outlets.

All of this comes out to more than 1,350 horsepower. Something that seems properly insane when you consider all that power is hooked up to a manual transmission heading straight out to the back wheels alone.

Every single piece of this car has been touched. From the front of the car, all the way down to the wheels, which are a custom HRE set that cost the builder $10,000 by themselves. According to Hemmings, who is selling this car for the owner, over $260,000 was spent on the entire build. Now however, you can get this beast of a machine for just a measly $94,995, which is a total steal, considering.

What do you all think, is this custom Corvette worth the money (and a possible trip to the loony bin)?

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