Project Stingray: The Corvette Computer Build Log

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The day is finally here. Project Stingray is complete, and I think it looks amazing. It’s taken a few weeks to get everything together, but our ultimate simulation racing PC is ready to go. In the video below, I take a look at exactly how it went together, step by step, so you can build your own copy of this thing if you want. I also made sure to cover all the additional visual modifications and how they were done. It’s mostly just a set of expensive stickers and badges, so it’s not too much work, but I wanted to cover it for anyone here who may be a first-timer working with vinyl.

Vinyl was used inside the case window, as I found out that finding someone with a laser etcher was basically impossible. I also had an extra-special vinyl cut for the back side of the case, but you’ll have to watch the end of the video to see that one. The Corvette badge on the case is an OEM rear badge I ordered from the local dealer, and it fit perfectly on the case with just 5/8 inches to spare on either end of the flag points.

If you missed the last few articles and want to know exactly what pieces are inside the computer, you can watch the parts overview here. I also have a full list, including prices, for every single part in this build down to the monitors, mouse, and keyboard, which you can find on here.


Now that the build is finished, we can start getting into the fun stuff. I already have my Playseat rig setup and ready to go, and I’m diving straight into performance testing and benchmarking. I’ll have all the data on how well this machine can handle Project CARS, Assetto Corsa, Dirt Rally, and Grid Autosport in both 21:9 1440p resolutions and UHD 4K. I will also be looking at the performance of iRacing and Forza 6 Apex.

If you are new to building PCs, this video goes a little quickly, so if you are thinking about building your own computer, feel free to pause the video as needed. If you are already a PC master builder, and you just want to skip to the finished product and visual mods, you can find that at 16:50.

For everyone else, press play and watch more than a month’s worth of effort and planning come together in one cohesive collection of awesome.

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And a quick hello to Francisco at Cougar USA for helping us build a ZR1 Upgrade to Project Stingray. Coming soon…

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