PSA: Don’t Hate on People Who Name Their Cars

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For some reason, whether or not people name their cars, and whether or not cars have different genders have become hot topics. People actually have strong opinions about this, one way or the other. Take, for example, a recent forum post, which asked the question, “Is your Corvette a he or a she?

Here are some of the responses:

“It’s a piece of machinery, so genderless. I also don’t call it a beast or have any other nicknames for it. It’s just a car for me.” — Crabbers

“No names- Wifes car is simply Her Car, My truck is simply my truck, The Corvette is THE CAR I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED!!” — jshot00

“It’s a car, a vehicle so it’s not alive so it can’t be male or female.” — jrose7004

I’ve had discussions with multiple folks who think it’s dumb or scoff at people who name their cars. But here’s one reason people who love cars shouldn’t criticize others for this: Naming a car means that person has some sort of compassion, connection, or love for that car. Which is the whole reason we’re all here, right? For the love of the cars? So why are you putting those people down? Don’t do that, it’s just being rude for no reason.

I deem the ladies below Tina, Daenerys, and Posh. Come at me.


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