Pure, Unadulterated Corvette Jealousy

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Corvette Z06s Getting Delivered (3)

Have you ever been cruising around the Corvette Forum and you stumble on to a thread that just makes you jealous? The kind of jealous that you know your mom told you wasn’t good for you?

Well, I just found that thread. I am warning you now, if you open this link, you will regret it. It’s a thread posted by vendor [email protected] titled, “Record amount of deliveries in 24 hrs*PICS**,” and Heaven help me, it’s torture.

Plastic on the outside of the car. Plastic on the inside of the car. Less than 15 miles on the odometer. Being required to “break-in” the car properly. New car smell.

Corvette Z06s Getting Delivered (4)

I keep telling myself, “ain’t nobody got time for that!” But I know that’s the jealously rearing its ugly head again.

Here’s the thing: Christmas can happen any time of the year, certainly in this particular instance. I simply cannot imagine ordering a brand new Z06 knowing that I am going to have to wait months and months for it to arrive. It would be like willingly torturing yourself. But the pain would feel so good, right?


I always thought that I would want to order a Velocity Yellow convertible with a black top. But now I find myself ogling this stunning Night Race Blue Metallic Z06 convertible with black rims and full length black stripes.

c7 corvette

I could go on and on, posting picture after picture, but I won’t. Take a look through the thread if you really want to give yourself the desire to go out and order a brand new Corvette. Just don’t expect me to feel bad for you when your anxiety flares up as you are waiting for it to arrive.

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