New Corvette ZR1 Reportedly Caught Road Testing in Ohio

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Looks like we might just have a landed a video clip of a couple of Corvette ZR1s in motion, and with some seriously competitive vehicles trailing along to boot.

The YouTube clip below was posted by David Wesel, and it captures what appears to be a couple of the ZR1 prototypes doing some road testing in Ohio.

The Corvettes are heavily camouflaged. But it’s clear from the huge rear wing on one of the models that Wesel has lucked out and spotted something much more interesting than just a couple of Z06s cruising around the Buckeye State. Although, as a Road & Track report points out, the camo’d models do sound a lot like the 650-horsepower, track-focused Z06.

The Corvettes are accompanied by a 707-hp Dodge Challenger Hellcat and a 575-hp Jaguar F-Type SVR, which I guess provides some indication of the type of sports cars Chevrolet might be benchmarking the new ZR1 against for on-road testing.

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Via [Road & Track]

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