Corvette Z06 With 36-Gallon Fuel Tank Heads to Mecum

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There may be some confusion about how many Corvettes with 36-gallon fuel tanks were built back in the ‘60s, but there’s certainly no question about how valued these cars are to auctioneers now.

After reporting earlier this month on a ’65 model revving up for auction at Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance, we’re getting word of another one of the models, that are now known as “Big Tanks” or “Tankers,” preparing to cross the blocks.

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Built to require fewer fill-ups while racing, this is a ’64 Corvette “Tanker,” one of 38 produced, will be going up for auction at Mecum Houston in April, according to a GM Authority report. The massive fuel tank was part of the Z06 package at the time, and included the L84 327-cubic-inch displacement engine with Rochester fuel injection, which put out 375 hp.

I really can’t get an exact sense of how much these rare Corvettes have actually been fetching at auctions, but according to a 2013 CNN report, a ’63 “Big Tanker” was ranked as the sixth most valuable Corvette at the time, with a value of $209,700.

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