Raise Your Hand If You’d Still Buy a 1975 Corvette L48

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You know those things in life that are so hated on by everybody else that you start to like them, specifically just to be different? So that owning the “bad” thing kind of makes you proud, or have this weird sense of “yeah, I own it, WHAT OF IT?” Hopefully y’all can relate, and that’s not just me, otherwise I’m just sounding like a crazy person.

Anyway, the point is that ’70s Corvettes, amidst the horsepower struggle, fell victim to a weak engine. And now they’re known as some of the worst ones ever built. It still has sexy Corvette curves, but the L48 350-cubic-inch V8 only puts out 165 bhp and 255 lb-ft of torque. Weak sports cars aren’t exactly desirable (coughfr-scough). That’s why a 1975 L48 Corvette is featured in this week’s “Nice Price or Crack Pipe” on Jalopnik.

The question is, for the right price, in this case $7,500, would you still buy one? Somebody has to give the less than desirable gals some love, right?

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via [Jalopnik]

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