Rally Inspired C1 Highlights Global Appeal of Corvette

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Who knew that you could stumble on a wild gem the likes of this in Scandinavia?

But as we’ve learned from Auto Evolution, the folks there have a big thing for American sheet metal, which certainly would explain this rally inspired 1959 Corvette. The two-tone green and yellow C1 features a V8 engine with a 383 stroker kit.

The Corvette was spotted at a recent event called Helsinki Cruising Night, which had to be pretty cool to see and hear in the flesh, as highlighted in the video clip below.

Before the Corvette was wrapped, it featured a two-tone Silver paint scheme. And while I typically like to keep classic ‘Vettes in their original state, I’m inclined to let this one slide. Of course, if I were lucky enough to own it, I’d probably keep it just as it was the day it rolled off the assembly line. Then again, that’s just me.

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Via [Auto Evolution]

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