Lessons Learned From Random C6 Corvette Highway Accident

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If you don’t already take a second each day to appreciate what you have, this story¬†posted by Corvette Forum member Azure might give you some pause. Corvettes, regardless of how you get them or how much you spend on them, are not just some regular cars that anybody can get. Some might be relatively affordable once used and old, but they’re still cars that demand a certain level of respect. So, if you own one, know that you’re a lucky person and be thankful that you’re in a position to do so. Because a little bad luck might take it away from you at any moment.

Here’s what Azure had to say:

“Along the way to work while driving on the highway a metal ramp from a trailer flew off the center median and plowed into the front of my car causing the front bumper to be destroyed, ripping through my tire and destroying the wheel, also putting a small hole into my fender. It honestly hit me so quickly I didn’t even have a chance to see it. A couple of nice people that were driving behind me pulled over and had to give me a run down of it all.¬†Now comes even a more frustrating part. I call my insurance and somehow the insurance agent that put my car onto my policy screwed up and its not on there. However, I already have insurance cards and the copy of my policy. So until they can figure that out they don’t want to help me.”

The whole situation is made worse by the fact that he normally wouldn’t have even been driving his Corvette. His daily driver had been overheating, so he took the Corvette to work… and then this happens. Just a little reminder that nothing is guaranteed.

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