Rare 1966 Corvette “Tanker” Has a Story to Tell

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Make no mistakes about it, we love digging into classics here at Corvette Forum.

After all, classics say a lot about the history of the American nameplate, which you typically just don’t get in some of the later models. Take, for example, this Sunfire Yellow 1966 “Tanker” Corvette, owned by Brent Connors of Vancouver.

One of only 66 Corvettes built that year with option NO3 – a 36-gallon fuel tank – the car wound up becoming an urban legend of sorts in Vancouver, as one of only two “Tanker” Corvettes shipped to the area in 1966, according to Driving.ca. Fueling the mystery around the car was the fact that the original owner actually stored the ‘Vette in his garage in the early seventies when he realized its rarity.

Connors only learned about the rare Tanker in 1984, from a Corvette restorer who had been helping the original owner maintain the car. But it would take some 20 years for Connors to actually convince the original owner to sell the Tanker.

That, my friends, is a prime example of the fact that sometimes, good things really do come to those who wait.

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Via [Driving.ca]

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