Rare Fuelie 1958 Corvette Seems like a Bargain, but Is It?

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1958 Corvette

At first glance, this 1958 Corvette looks like a potential goldmine in the making. But there’s one big problem.

Fuel-injected C1 Corvettes have long been prized in the collector car world, for multiple reasons. These cars were pioneers of a technology that’s now commonplace, for starters. Couple that with their rarity, and you’ve got a recipe for both high demand and ever-rising values. And even though most people prefer the more subdued styling of the ’57s, this fuelie 1958 Corvette up for grabs on Craigslist is no less special.

Especially when you consider that Chevy built a mere 504 ‘Vettes with the 250 hp 283 in 1958. It’s also an early car, and it even sports a desirable color combination. Thus, the $50k asking price might seem rather reasonable at first glance. But there’s just one major problem, of course, that takes that asking price from potential bargain to potential rip off. That is, it doesn’t come with the original engine.

1958 Corvette

It is being sold with a 290 hp 283 fitted with all the fuelie stuff, however, so there’s that. And the seller claims that 95% of the car is otherwise complete. Clearly, this 1958 Corvette is a bit of a basketcase, with much of the trim and other parts removed and in boxes. It’s obviously a project, but one that deserves to be completed. But will that lofty asking price prove far too high to attract the right buyer?


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In a word, yes. In reality, this 1958 Corvette should probably be selling for roughly half the asking price, despite its inherent rarity. Selling a car of this magnitude sans the engine that makes it so rare is going to prove tough, we’d bet. Throw in the fact that it’s also missing some (potentially rare/expensive) parts, and most hardcore collectors would shy away from this deal.

1958 Corvette

It’s still a potentially cool resto project, however, so we’re still hoping somebody does snag it up. Hopefully at a much better price!

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