Red Corvette ZR-1 is a ’90s Time Capsule Car

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This 1992 ZR-1 has been lovingly cared for, but not enjoyed nearly as much as it should’ve been.

The 1990s weren’t that long ago, but there’s been enough time between then and now for many of the decade’s identifying characteristics to have faded away. The Trapper Keeper is not keeping anything for kids these days. Slap bracelets have been swatted into the garbage can of time. VCRs are just relics on junk store shelves. However, this 1992 Corvette ZR-1 is still around and looking damn good for a 26-year-old car. 1992 Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1

Just looking at it, it almost seems wrong to call it a used car. The body work is factory straight. Its red paint gleams from every angle. The red leather seats appear to have never held a driver or passenger. Of course, this car has been used. Technically. It only has 1,225 miles on its odometer. That’s not much for any car, especially one that’s from the early days of the Clinton administration. That kind of mileage seems even lower when you consider how much fun its previous owners have missed out on in such a legend as the C4 ZR-1. Chevrolet didn’t consult Lotus Engineering and have an outside company produce the special 375-horsepower LT5 just so the ZR-1 could be locked away far from any twisting roads.

That seems to be exactly what happened with this ZR-1, though. Twelve hundred and twenty five miles is barely enough distance to get you from Austin to El Paso, Texas and back. That kind of mileage also means this car has not been out in the elements long enough for them and Father Time to age it and blemish its flawless looks. We’re not saying its next owner should abuse it, but they should at least put more than 47 miles a year on it. This performance car has had enough rest and TLC.

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