Redemption? Corvette C7 Z06 vs Dodge Viper ACR on ‘Head 2 Head’

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Remember that Corvette ZO6 that Motor Trend tested in their “Best Driver’s Car” competition, the one that wouldn’t make any boost? Well, GM fixed it and sent it back to MT to try again. Except this time, it didn’t come alone. Dodge wanted a piece and sent out its 2016 Dodge Viper ACR, the best track car under the FCA banner, the one that beat the Z06 back at MT‘s “Best Driver’s Car” comp.

Will the Corvette redeem itself? Guess it’s time to find out.


First, a little more background on that ZO6. When MT initially tested it, the ECU would retard spark by eight-degrees and prevent the TVS supercharger to produce boost. The reason? Well, a little bit of it was blamed on rival Car and Driver when they ran the ‘Vette into a wall. In a haste to get the car repaired for Motor Trend, the intercooler pump connector didn’t seat all the way after a system bleed. No pump means there is no coolant flow to the intercooler for the supercharger, which means no boost and a retarded ignition setting.


Now, back and proper from that, GM challenged MT to take the ZO6 out again and drive it. To make it interesting, a 2016 Dodge Viper ACR arrives, and they make it a head to head instead.


The 2016 Viper ACR is no slouch. It brings its famous 8.4L V10 that produces 645-horsepower, a full aerodynamic package, and will only cost you $119-thousand. The ACR also has a top speed of 177 mph, a zero-to-sixty time of 3.2-seconds, and can get you to the end of a quarter mile in just 11.60 seconds. Read: It’s bloody fast, even for not being the fastest Viper in the stable. Or, snake pit, or whatever.


Now, we get to see these two head to head in this “Head 2 Head” video below. Who wins? Well, let’s see what happens.

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