Regular Car Reviews: Oh So Fancy C4 Corvette

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c4 corvette

There are a lot of web videos being made these days, what with the Internet and all that. Pretty much any yahoo can post up a clip and call it content. But how many of these vids, particularly those of the automotive variety, would you call “art”?

Perhaps I’m not a strong enough critic, but I’d venture to say that these Regular Car Reviews qualify as just that.

If art is something meticulously crafted and polished to the point of no excess, so as to express solely the purity of that thing, then I implore you to show me a more finely sculpted video than the Regular Car Review of the 1988 Chevrolet Corvette C4, shown below.

If art is a union of the senses, then just try and look away as the vid splices between visions of automatic transmissions, faux-digital guages, and flipping headlights, all mixed masterfully with the sounds of L98 v8s and some of the most innovative, finely-reasoned, hilarious banter in all of automotive entertainment.

It’s that good. Almost as if Jon Stewart and his news team turned into car guys. The fact-packed script shows real know-how, that only research can attain, not just about the ’88, but about the C4 and its place in Corvette history.¬†And then such sturdy points are laced with even better-built jokes. I mean, it takes a special kind of writer to be able to come up with this sentence: “Believe me, erotic abolitionism was the second most offensive thing about ‘Tranny Tunnel.'”

Oh, and perhaps I should mention that some of this artwork isn’t safe for actual office work.

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