That Time Lethal Performance Dynoed a C6 Corvette at 25 PSI

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These days, everybody and their mothers are going for the C7 speed and power records. It seems like every other month, a new record is being set, and the results are all extremely impressive. But massive power from Corvettes is nothing new, as proven by this older Corvette Forum post from Lethal Performance.

Back in March of 2012, LP was working on a vehicle it dubbed theĀ Big Red TTIX, a hyped-up C6 Corvette. As described in the post, this car was putting out some seriously impressive numbers. According to LP, it pushed out 25 PSIĀ before it was settled down to 21 (the 25-PSI pull was stopped at 4,500 RPMs and was making 900 horsepower and 1,047 lb-ft). With 21 PSI, on the dyno, it hit 1,176 horsepower and 1,180 lb-ft of torque. And in order to prove it wasn’t all talk, there’s the video below. Just watch it pull.

And don’t ask me why the video is so bad, I have no idea. I feel like the original iPhone shoots better quality than this. Still, it’s quite impressive, don’t you think?

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