Remnants of Burned 1960 Corvette for Sale

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This burned Corvette is so far gone it isn’t even recognizable as a car any longer. 

Okay, get out all of your car forum jokes right now. “That’ll buff out.” “Ran when parked.” “No lowballers, I know what I have.” “One owner, low miles, never seen snow, just needs a fuel pump.”

We’ve all heard them, and while those jokes are funny, this classic Corvette’s demise is no laughing matter. We don’t know the backstory on this car, or how it ended up in this sad state, but it’s clear that the world is now down one more gorgeous late C1 Corvette. Those spectacular side accent coves will never again grace the world with their presence.

However, the remains of this car are currently listed on Copart, in what we presume must be some kind of insurance company mandate that they at least attempt to recoup every car written off. Based on the photos provided, there isn’t one single useable part from this pile. It’s obvious that this pile used to be something fiberglass, but honestly, without the floor mats and the bumper, it could have been a boat for all anyone can tell.

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If one of our own cars was completely disintegrated like this, we’d certainly be distraught. If this car used to belong to a member of this forum, we are so so sorry for your loss. Losing a lovely Corvette, as we can only imagine this one must have been, is a sad day for all of us.

There isn’t much time left on the auction listing, and it seems unlikely that anyone would be interested, but the starting bid is $275 if you’re so inclined.

Via [CopartBarnfinds]

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