C3 Restoration Project Speaks to Spirit of Corvette

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The bond shared between a car lover and their restored vehicle is nothing new, especially when it comes to Corvettes. But the story of Chris Waugh and his ’69 wide-body C3 Corvette tugs at the heartstrings, even if you aren’t much of a Corvette fan.

Nearly 20 years in the making, the restoration project started in 1987 when Chris and his dad Bill Waugh first came across the Corvette in North Carolina, where they were on the hunt for a car to restore together, according to a Super Chevy story.

Chris was actually 18-years-old when they began the project. But after the Waughs started a paving company, there wasn’t much time to work on the car. The project took a back seat when Chris’s father died due to a prolonged illness. But he never lost sight of his hopes to restore the vehicle.

However, it wouldn’t be until Chris took the car to the Corvette Center that the project would really start to take shape, eventually turning into the hot wide-body pictured here.

Specs include a ZZ502/502 crate engine, a Tremec five-speed transmission, a Hooker Big Tube chrome side-pipe headers, a March Performance chrome serpentine pulley system, and Wilwood six-piston calipers and 14-inch rotors, just to name a few.

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