Ride Along in 1320 Video‘s ‘Unicorn’ C5 Corvette

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Wicked turbocharged Z06 comes out of the shop with some cool additions.

The C5 Corvette Z06 featured in 1320 Video‘s latest clip is a rare beast, hence the nickname “the Unicorn.” After the white C5 spent the winter in the shop getting some upgrades, and with the cold season finally tapering off, the owner of the car and host of the channel had a chance to take his wicked Corvette for a spin.

The End of Winter

The video from the 1320 Video YouTube channel begins with the host explaining that he is headed to the shop where his Unicorn C5 Corvette Z06 has spent the winter. With the day of the taping being the first nice day in their area, he jumped on a chance to get some seat time in his wicked turbocharged Z06.

C5 Corvette Parachute

In addition to addressing some turbo, tuning and clutch issues, the Unicorn Corvette got a collection of new safety components during the winter. The shop added a roll cage, an interior and under-hood fire suppression system and a parachute with an easy-to-access trigger handle.

Corvette Parachute trigger

While explaining the new additions, we get a look at the components of this in the cabin, under the hood, under the rear hatch and out back – and the combination of the cage with the chute makes this car look like a proper race car.

The Driving Action

Early in the video, we get a pair of short ride-along clips as the host drives the car in the pits at TX2K before taking it out for a quick blast on the open road. The car sounds great and obviously pulls hard, but we only get a small piece of the performance pie.

C5 Corvette Thrill Ride

As the video goes on and the guy from the shop is done talking about the new upgrades, the host hits the road with the Unicorn C5 Corvette Z06. He makes a few hard pulls himself before picking up a friend. After summoning that friend with the two-step system, they go for a ride that puts a big smile on both of their faces.

Finally, when that thrill-ride is over, the host ends the video with some more cruising footage, during which time we get to hear the Z06 roar and struggle with traction.

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