Right-Hand ‘63 Corvette Z06 Is One-Of-A-Kind

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Here’s something you don’t see that often — a right hand drive ’63 Corvette Z06. Then again, there’s only one in existence, so that might explain the rarity.

Back in the ’60s, the car actually started as a second-generation Corvette project for General Motor’s Holden arm in Australia, intended to give the group some extra cache. But the rarity of the vehicle didn’t begin or end there, as highlighted in a Bold Ride report.

The Z06 set-up featured a 327 cubic-inch L84 V8, a larger 36.5-gallon fuel tank, and an improved suspension system that was only offered on 199 Corvettes made in 1963. Which, you’ll recall, was the only year for the split window Corvette coupe, as well. The Z06 model also cost upwards of 50% more than the standard ‘Vette at the time.

That would make Terry Michaelis, who swooped up this rare beauty back in 2011, one of the luckiest Corvette fans on the planet. Don’t you think?

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Via [Bold Ride]

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