RK Showcases Award-Winning 1969 Bloomington Gold Roadster

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When it comes to presenting the true beauty of a Corvette, these RK Motors videos are quickly becoming some of my favorites.

The latest features a stunning 1969 Bloomington Gold roadster, a 3-time NCRS Top Flight Award winner. That alone is enough to send most classic Corvette fans into overdrive, but seeing her in the video below, showcased in slow motion on that gorgeously lit spinning platform, will make you want her even more.

This pristine C3 has been completely restored from the ground-up and is painted in a glossy coat of Fathom Green lacquer. The interior is as gorgeous as the exterior with classic features like vinyl bucket seats, wheel-style heater controls, and a correct Delco AM/FM radio.

Further more, that original L89 (LP) V8 sounds as good as the car looks. If you’re interested in purchasing her, there’s plenty more info at RK Motors Charlotte.

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