Road and Track’s Classic Stingray Buyer’s Guide Is a Lifesaver

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Classic Corvette Stingray

Deciding to finally follow through on that longtime dream of owning a classic Stingray? Well, that may be spendy, considering the price for a model like a ’63 340-hp coupe in mint condition can run anywhere from $100,000 to $175,000.

Nope, it isn’t cheap. So any help that a person can get when they’re finally ready to make that big purchase is probably extremely welcomed. That certainly would make this report we stumbled on from Road & Track a must-read.

The piece provides some pretty good tips on how to buy a 1963 Stingray without going broke, including everything from identifying impostors to self-checking mechanisms to avoid bigger problems with the car down the road.

For example, one test that the R&T report suggests includes opening the fuel-filler door. “If the gas cap isn’t centered in the opening, there’s a good chance the chassis was tweaked in an accident.”

Good stuff, right?

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Via [Road & Track]

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