Sylvester Stallone’s Former Corvette Could Be Yours

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Given all the huge Rocky fans around the world, I’m betting it won’t take long for Taggart Autosport to unload this 1968 Corvette Convertible.

The piece of custom American machinery, which carries an asking price of $129,000, was once owned by the legendary prized fighter himself. Or, rather Sylvester Stallone, the legendary actor who played the great Philly fighter. And for die-hard Rocky fans like myself, Rocky and Sly have always been pretty much one in the same.

Stallone bought the ’68 ‘Vette back in 2009 at a Barrett-Jackson auction in Las Vegas. Given some of the specs, we can see why, as highlighted in a duPont Registry report. In addition to its bright red exterior, which captures every bit of the American persona Stallone represented as Rocky, the classic car also packs a hell of a punch with a 510 cubic inch, 8.3-liter, Donovan Big Block engine that puts out 660 horsepower.

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