Royal Purple Introduces High Performance Street Engine Oils

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royal-purple.gifRoyal Purple is releasing a new line of motor oil aimed at the street/performance enthusiast market. For several years, the American Petroleum Institute (API) has been reducing the maximum limits of common anti-wear zinc/phosphorus anti-wear additives in motor oils via their self-governed licensing program. These changes have left many consumers struggling to find an alternative to the more expensive and difficult to find racing oils. To address this void, Royal Purple is introducing its High Performance Street (HPS) motor oil to consumers with performance/modified engines and vehicles that have exceeded the factory warranty period.

HPS is formulated with Royal Purple’s proprietary Synerlec additive technology and utilizes a more robust zinc/phosphorous anti-wear package than API currently allows. Synerlec provides exceptional oil film strength and the load carrying capability needed by flat tappet and/or high lift camshafts, as well as outstanding oxidation resistance as compared to common mineral or synthetic API-licensed engine oils. Royal Purple’s HPS provides the ideal solution for performance enthusiasts looking for added protection.

“Oil specifications are now more focused on emissions equipment compatibility at the expense of valve train protection. As a performance oil manufacturer, we felt the need to tailor an oil line to the needs of our performance-minded customers,” said Jared Martin, Royal Purple National Account Manager and STLE Certified Lubrication Specialist. “Customers can now have the best of both worlds.  They can select our API licensed motor oil for their car(s) under warranty needing an emission compliant API motor oil.  Those wanting more performance and wear protection can select HPS for modified vehicles and those no longer under warranty.”

Tests on a new bearing show the difference in wear when using Royal Purple’s HPS compared to the leading synthetic motor oil:

new-bearing.gifNew Bearing          

Bearing-after-Leading-Synth.gifBearing after Leading Synthetic    

Bearing-after-Royal-Purple.gifBearing after Royal Purple HPS

Until a new bearing surface is magnified 1500x, the surface appears smooth. The second image shows the same bearing with a roughened surface after using a leading synthetic oil. The third image is the same bearing after using Royal Purple HPS. Royal Purple’s high film strength improves combustion to free up more power, optimize fuel economy and reduce emissions. High film strength also dramatically reduces wear.

HPS rounds out Royal Purple’s lines of motor oils and XPR formulated for racing engines. “HPS is a very cost-effective alternative to our XPR line for customers looking for the ultimate in street performance,” added Martin.

Royal Purple HPS is available in several popular multi-viscosity grades for gas engines: 5W20, 5W30, 10W30, 10W40 and 20W50.

About Royal Purple
Royal Purple produces a broad line of high performance lubricants for automotive, consumer and industrial applications.  For more information about Royal Purple or its products, contact Royal Purple Inc., One Royal Purple Lane, Porter, TX 77365, 281-354-8600,

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