Should You Rock Black Walls or White on Your C3 Corvette’s Tires?

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vette letter white

When you have an older car like a C3 Corvette, there are certain style choices you need make that don’t really apply to newer cars. Like white lettering on tires. It’s mostly frowned upon for modern cars, but some classic cars just don’t look right without those white letters staring you in the face. Corvette Forum member 65GGvert posted up some photos of his sexy Ontario Orange ’72 with the blacks out and the whites out. His inquiry was simple: which look better? 65GGvert likes the whites out himself, but worries about how quickly they will fade.

The discussion has been pretty unanimous in favor of whites out, it just matches the style and look of the classic lines better. That said, there was a comment or two that caught my eye, including one from dosoctaves chimed in with “I advertise for nobody that’s not paying me to do so.”

vette letter black

Frankly, I feel that same way, so I went looking for a solid middle ground. A quick search of El Goog will reveal a few companies that sell custom white lettering kits that you can order in various sizes and fonts. They are all pretty affordable, guaranteed against fading and falling off, and give you a way to maintain that classic look without giving some brand extra recognition you don’t think they deserve.

But what do you guys think? Should you go with white or black lettering out, and is it okay to do a custom lettering kit? Hit that forum thread and sound off.

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