1985 Corvette Selling for $1 Million?

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1985 Corvette

According to the ad, the Corvette’s price wasn’t just “grabbed out of the air.” Correct, it was most likely a dream.

For the lucky few who get to realize their lifelong dream of buying a Chevy Corvette, it’s hard to part with their dream machines when the time comes. Whether it be for an upgrade because there are “kids on the way” or simply because finances are tight, it’s never easy.

While most folks who need to sell their ‘Vettes list them to actually sell, others are, well, not so willing to cooperate. Such is the case of this listing we came across on the Canadian arm of Auto Traderwhich lists a 1985 Corvette “Black” for a whopping $1,350,000 Canadian dollars. According to our math, that’s about $1,064,880 American greenbacks.

1985 Corvette

What could make a 1985 Corvette be worth so much? We actually don’t know because the only “noteworthy” detail in the seller’s description involves a modified engine. Specifically, the listing reads:

“Beautiful Little red Corvette! 1985 Greenwood V8 professionally built! This car goes! Tires and rims worth a few thousand dollars alone. Automatic shift kit adds to the giddy up of the 500 plus horses under the hood! 500 plus you ask yes it is! The number wasn’t grabbed out of the air, that’s what the engine builders told me. Holley computerized fuel pump with a laptop plus all the other work receipts have been kept. Car has to be seen and heard to appreciate! Call Bill at 289229061″

1985 Corvette

While a Greenwood modified engine could in some cases add some value to the car, it won’t necessarily add a million bucks. In fact, nothing could.

If you think we’re reading this ad wrong, and there’s something we’re not picking up that could warrant such an exorbitant price tag, let us know in the forums!

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