Sales Numbers for C7 Corvette Z06 Highlight Car’s Popularity

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Black Corvette-Z06

There’s really no debate now on what new sports car wears the crown as America’s Most Popular Vehicle for 2015.

With news of the to-date sales numbers for the 2015 Z06 rolling in, it seems crystal clear to me that the higher performance Corvette has pretty much taken ownership of that title, further expanding the global appeal of the C7.

Reports indicate that Chevy has built 8,206 new Z06s since April 22, according to a GM Authority report. Of that number, 81% of the C7 Z06s are coupes, compared to 19% being convertibles. 75% of the new Z06 buyers opted for the 3LZ trim package. Nearly 40% of buyers also added the Z07 performance package, which really should come as no surprise, given the high performance nature of the Z06.

The most popular color for the new Z06 appears to be the Black models, which have accounted for 18% of sales. Shark Gray and Arctic White rank as the second most popular colors for the Z06, with both coming in neck and neck with 16% of sales.

The rarest color for the 2015 Z06 (depending on how you want to look at it) is the Night Race Blue leather interior, which accounted for just 2% of all new Z06 owners. So if you own one of these models, you can find even more excitement in owning a Z06 knowing that yours is truly one of the most unique on the road.

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