Salesman Dies During Corvette Test Drive Gone Wrong

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The city of Ontario, California was the scene of an extremely sad and horrifying crash, when a car salesman lost his life at the hands of a potential customer during a Corvette test drive.

According to Fox News, the driver of the Chevy Corvette, Alex Mark Demetro of 28 years of age, was speeding along the main boulevard near the Carmax used car dealership, when he lost control and veered off the side of the road, ultimately crashing with what appeared to be a utilities post.

Upon arrival of local police officers, Demetro was arrested under suspicion of vehicular manslaughter and felony of driving under the influence of drugs. It’s the second charge that’s the most enraging, as it leads us to believe that this was nothing but a reckless joy ride for Demetro and nothing more.

The Carmax salesman was 43-year old Warren Smale, and he was immediately transported to a nearby hospital in critical condition, but was later pronounced dead due to his injuries from the accident.

CarMax spokeswoman Catherine Gryp called the accident “An incredibly sad day for the CarMax family, and our hearts and prayers go out to our associate’s family.” Personally, it’d be interesting to know if Carmax could implement a test-drive policy for performance vehicles, or to better protect their consultants in general.

It’s true that all jobs, regardless of their description hold some sort of danger, but to know that a hard-working salesman lost his life over a reckless and possibly drugged-up individual is simply shocking.

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