Salvaged Corvette Grand Sport Comes Back to Life!

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A little bit of glue and some new parts is all it takes to get this wrecked Corvette Grand Sport looking like new again.

Recently, there’s a new trend sweeping the nation. And that trend is buying up salvaged Corvettes and either turning them into race cars or restoring them. Obviously, this is a good thing in our book. But why would so many people go through the trouble? Well, it all comes down to the bottom line. Salvaged Corvettes are cheap, after all. And sadly, there are plenty of them out there. So it’s quite satisfying to see special editions like this 2011 Corvette Grand Sport come back to life.

Corvette Grand Sport

This particular ‘Vette landed in the hands of YouTuber Samcrac, who’s made a name for himself buying up wrecked cars and restoring them. After getting the smashed Corvette Grand Sport running again, the next order of business is reversing the extensive damage to the bodywork. Upon closer inspection, it looks like the driver’s side inner fender liner broke loose in the accident. But it’s nothing a little epoxy can’t solve.

Some parts were damaged beyond repair and require replacement, of course. A new radiator support and replacement for the missing passenger side brake air duct chiefly among them. But it also appears that the driver of the Corvette Grand Sport avoided incurring more damage by driving up onto a curve, yet proceeded to possibly tear up a tire in the process.

Corvette Grand Sport

With everything underneath buttoned up, it’s time to test fit fenders. Which, as any good body man knows, is a pain in the neck. And even though Samcrac is pretty pleased with his fender fit, it does look like it needs some adjustment. Regardless, this little bit of work is obviously going to pay off. For a dirt cheap entry price, you won’t find a project with more fun potential than a semi-damaged Corvette Grand Sport!

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