Salvaged C6 Corvette Grand Sport: What Does It Cost to Save?

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Buying a car at auction sight-unseen is like spinning The Price is Right wheel. Would you take that risk for a C6 Corvette Grand Sport?

Salvage auction cars can be a real gamble. You never really know what your getting until the tow truck drops it off. Pictures can tell you a lot, but clever photography can also hide a multitude of sins.

C6 corvette grand sport

You can, and should, do your due diligence, but there will always be the chance you get a Whammy. In this case, YouTube channel Samcrac talks about the trials and tribulations of rebuilding this salvage title Corvette C6 Grand Sport.

The C6 was purchased and shipped for $14,300. This was his starting point, roughly about half of what the Corvette would cost without a salvage or rebuilt title. Although this Grand Sport only has 8,000 miles on the odometer so, the condition otherwise should be cherry. His goal is to put less than $4,000 into it to get her roadworthy. But, as his first video showed, there was work to be done.

In this video, he explains all of the costs and research he has done to avoid the factory built parts that often run $500+ a piece. Even though he has a tight budget, he puts great value in safety, and wants to rebuild it right. His goal is a noble one, and we would love to see this Grand Sport back out on the road. We will be keeping an eye on his progress and eagerly anticipating the him finishing the project.

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A Corvette C6 Grand Sport for under $20,000 is really cheap, but a lot of time and effort is what makes it possible. We want to know what you think, will he make his budget C5 Grand Sport come to life under $18,000 dollars?

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