Say Hello to the 700-Horsepower Georgia Red Specvette

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I can’t imagine you’ll find a shortage of fans for this one here at Corvette Forum.

The idea of a supercharged 700-horsepower 1971 Stingray is enough to get folks excited. But the idea of all that power being packed into a restomod Corvette as breathtaking as this one is the kind of thing that makes you wish money really did go on trees.

Not that you get the sense that the car’s owner, Jack Curtis, would have any interest in selling this beauty. But can you blame him?

Built by Heartland Customs of Purcell, Oklahoma, the custom Stingray is a shinning example of why retomods are so coveted in so many Corvette circles. This one is known as a “SPECVETTE,” a name given to all the restomod ‘Vettes created by Heartland Customs.

In addition to a supercharged LS7 crate engine, the SPECVETTE is loaded with a number of other custom features ranging from a special chassis from the Roadster Shop to the “Georgia Red” paint scheme named in honor of Jack’s granddaughter.

Check out more photos and details on Jack’s hot restomod Stingray at Super Chevy, then let us know what you think.

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