Say Hello to Gi Automotive’s 800-Horsepower C6 Corvette ZR1, “Black Manta”

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You just know that any car named Black Manta has to have some mystique about it. Add the fact that it’s a C6 ZR1 Corvette modified to take on the form of a more contemporary cruiser, and things get even more interesting.

The custom mod, built by Gi Automotive, ditches its fiberglass for a new carbon fiber body that’s 12” wider than the standard ZR1 body in the front, and 14” wider in the rear. The Black Manta, recently showcased at SEMA, rides on Toyo 305 mm rubber tires on the front wheels, and 345 mm rear tires on 20” x 13” DPE wheels.


According to duPont Registry, the build, a collaborative effort between Car Porn Racing and Jon Sibal, also included swapping out the fiberglass leaf springs for an AccuAir system. Additional comfort comes in the form of Air struts by AirREX, which provide more ground clearance.

Output is rated at 800 rwhp. But would you expect anything less from a ZR1 Corvette named the Black Manta?

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Via [duPont Registry]

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