Selling a C4 Corvette: How do You Say ‘Goodbye’?

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Your first Corvette is something you will never forget. YouTuber finds out that selling his C4 Corvette is bittersweet.

Do you remember your first car? No matter what you drove, chances are you formed a bond with that first car, and usually remember all those firsts like no other car. The first speeding ticket, the first burnout, first road trip…these become imprinted in your memory. But when your first car is a  C4 Corvette, it is even harder to part with.

C4 corvette youtuber Jimbo

In this video from Jimbo’s Channel, the eponymous Jimbo takes his C4 for a final ride and reminisces about all this Corvette has done for him. He is full of gratitude for the doors his car has opened for him. Jimbo worked all throughout high school to purchase the C4, and was finally able to buy it a few weeks before his graduation. He expresses how the Corvette C4 started him on his path. In this video you can see the bond of car and boy coming full circle.

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It is funny how our perspective changes. Jimbo laughs at his younger self for thinking the C4 clutch was heavy. He now has a C5 to compare it to, and sees how feather-light the C4 clutch feels in retrospect. The story isn’t all sad though, because he is selling the C4 to a friend and intends on buying it back one day. Regardless, we know it’s so hard to say goodbye.

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