Why Does This C7 Corvette Customizing Video Have 1.2M Views?

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C7 Customizing

Here’s one do-it-yourself C7 video that seems to have drawn a lot of attention, though you may still be trying to figure out why.

We’re talking over 1.3 million people and six thousand comments worth of attention, which is big, considering I’m betting most here have never heard of SSSniperWolf, the Corvette customizer featured in the piece.

The nearly three minute video below shows the she-wolf blackening out the grill, emblems, turn signals, and rims on her red 2014 Corvette Stingray, which she raves about in the clip. Which is cool and all, but 1.3 million views cool?

Turns out that the real reason the video has garnered so many views is because SSSniperWolf is a YouTube star who has over one million subscribers to her channel. She puts together videos about all sorts of things, mostly about gaming, but guns, purse dogs, and breast implants regularly take center stage as well.

Still, it’s easy to appreciate the fact that she’s a young Corvette fan. And she’s pretty easy on the eyes as well.

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via [SSSniperWolf]

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