Chevrolet Corvette Immortalized in ‘Great Cars’ Documentary

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This video was once a staple of the Corvette fan’s DVD collection, but now you can watch it for free on YouTube. 

For those not aware, the Great Cars series was one the definitive sources for automotive enthusiasts to glean information in an early internet age. A series of six discs, Great Cars devoted one each to Ford, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Ferrari/Alfa Romeo, BMW, and our favorite: Corvette. This video includes tons of information on the history of the Corvette that many Corvette Forum regulars may not actually know about their favored fiberglass American sports legend. How much do you really know about the inspirations behind the car, for example? You can use this video as an excuse to find out.

Thanks to the publishers of the video series, they are now all available to view for free on YouTube. Admittedly, the series was produced over a decade ago, so the information presented doesn’t exactly cover the present day Corvettes. Things have really changed since 2007 in the world of Corvette, and further change is still on the horizon. But if you want to know the history of the much vaunted nameplate, this is an excellent start. By watching, you’ll see lots of stories and vintage factory-sourced footage that you likely have not seen before.

In over sixty years of nearly continuous production, it’s become obvious that the Corvette is a success, both on the race track and in the showroom. Duntov’s original idea is barely recognizable in the current C7 Corvette, but the general idea remains. This is a lovely way to introduce young fans to the Corvette brand, or to reignite your own passion for the greatest Chevrolet. Corvette nearly didn’t survive the fuel crisis, but we’re certainly glad that it did. Can you imagine a world without Corvette?

Corvette Great Cars

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