Seinfeld Picks Up the President in a Split-Window Corvette

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corvette white house

“The coolest car, American-made, for the coolest guy ever to hold this office.” A debatable statement from all angles, but there’s no doubt Seinfeld + President Barack Obama + a split-window 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray makes for an interesting recipe, regardless of political and autoholic views. A friend of Obama’s grandfather had one, and Mr. Prez says he remembers thinking, “If I was ever able to get me one of these, I’d be set.”

Right off the bat, for a bit of comedic relief, a security guard stops Seinfeld at the gate and tells him, “You’re a comedian with The President going nowhere. Back it up.” So Seinfeld listens and proceeds to drive right across the presidential grass and right up to the famous everything-proof Cadillac limo known as The Beast.

The comedian and The President cover a variety of topics, from anonymity, favorite presidents, morning routines, what it’s like living in The White House, food favorites, Mount Rushmore, and clothing selection, among other things. And if you’re thinking they’re going to be drinking some bougie brew, think again. They stick to the White House and cook up with a good old fashioned Mr. Coffee.

If you only care about the car, Seinfeld gushes for about two minutes in the beginning, and Obama gets behind the wheel at 17:40, at which point Mr. Prez becomes “appreciably cooler.”

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Via [Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee / Seinfeld]

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