Should Selling Corvettes be Limited to Specialized Salespeople?

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We found a thread on the forums sharing the story of CF member Houston Z33’s experience going to check out the new Stingray in his friend’s Nissan GTR. His experience wasn’t exactly what it should have been. It seems that he and his friend were mobbed by the dealership’s staff with one salesman actually asking “How much did you pay for that?” as his opening question. Stay classy! And then there is. But that seems like a supplier issue and is a whole other headache.

Some people have suggested increasing training for all Chevy salespeople or limiting which salesmen can actually sell the Vette. We’ll go one step further– should GM only allow certain dealerships to sell the Corvette? It seems unreasonable to us that the first point of contact for GM’s halo car should be left to chance. And as pointed out on the same thread that’s why most people choose to deal with the larger, well-known Corvette dealerships. What do you think– is this much ado about nothing or is it time for Chevrolet to enhance the whole experience so that comparisons to Porsche can legitimately be made?

What steps should Chevy take to ensure a good dealership experience?

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