SEMA: Chevrolet Unveils Corvette Stingray Gran Turismo Concept

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Chevrolet’s designer collaborated with Polyphony Digital to develop the Gran Turismo Concept C7 to honor the game’s fifteenth anniversary and newest version (Gran Turismo 6) as well as the C7’s inclusion in the game. According to Chevy, “the ride is simulated but the authenticity of performance is real.”

There aren’t any performance enhancements on this concept with the exception of premium tires but there are a host of aerodynamic modifications and interior appearance items including: the Caravaggio steering wheel, racing harnesses, and custom upholstery with “15” Gran Turismo ‘tread pattern’.

On the exterior, a custom grille, front and rear fender vents, splitter and spoiler along with yellow tinted, French style (not frenched, mind you) headlamps and tons (ounces?) of carbon fiber complete the package. What do you guys think?

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