SEMA Highlight: C6 ZR1 Showcases Tinting Technology

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This blacked out ZR1 was chosen by Llumar to showcase their window tinting technology precisely because the curvature of the rear window is complicated to apply tinting to. They ensure a perfect fit by 3D scanning the window surfaces so that all films are precisely cut to the correct size. But what makes this tint so special you may be asking yourself? Sure there are many tints that you could choose, but Llumar is a nano-ceramic tint that offers heat, glare and UV protection without interfering with the signals from electronic devices (such as your cell phone, GPS, keyless entry, etc…).

Frankly, we’re glad that Llumar chose this car to highlight their tech as this murdered out ZR1 is pure evil. Check out the full Llumar tint, carbon fiber top, murdered out badging and matte HREs. SEMA is off to a fun start… Check back soon for more and let us know what you think! Want to comment? Go here.

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