SEMA Product Debut: Edelbrock Shows Off Supercharger

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Edelbrock is showing off a brand new supercharger for the C7 Corvette Stingray at SEMA this year. The E-Force Supercharger is a twin-screw, bolt-on system that is designed to fit beneath the C7’s stock hood. Based on Eaton’s Gen VI 2300 TVS, it also incorporates a self-contained oil system and intercoolers with a 100,000 mile (!) service interval with no plumbing or drilling required.

It features a two-belt system so that the C7 Stingray will still be able to run if the supercharger belt breaks. The system has yet to be dyno’ed (it was just completed days ago), but will be soon. It is also available with an optional powertrain warranty and an integrated bypass valve for little to no decrease in fuel economy.

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