SEMA Update: Chatting with Racer Lou Gigliotti about his LG Motorsports C7

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Yesterday, we had the chance to catch up with Mr. Lou Gigliotti for a moment and learn a bit more about the sharp LG Motorsports C7 Corvette Stingray. In case your memory is a bit rusty, Lou is a national racing champion who built LG Motorsports and developed Corvette performance parts based on his track experience. He is a pure Corvette aficionado although he did confess to racing a Mustang early on in his career. Fortunately for Corvette enthusiasts he realized the error of his ways and has never looked back.

LG Motorsports’ Corvette Stingray features a carbon fiber front splitter, side skirts and spoiler as well as LG’s headers and wheels and Koni shocks. Mr. Gigliotti revealed that cylinder heads and camshaft are in the pipeline and undergoing development while a more radical spoiler is being explored. We think it looks great and can’t wait to drive one with the full engine package. There is a forum thread open, if you’d like to comment, head here. Thanks for the chat, Lou!

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