Semi-Truck Crash Destroys New Corvettes

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Dream Cars Turn Into Nightmares When Two Trucks Collide

Think about all that goes into ordering a new Corvette. Imagine spending hours, days, or even weeks agonizing over colors and options. Imagine the joy of finally putting in your order, and the anticipation of waiting for your Corvette to be built and delivered to you. Now, imagine that the truck delivering your new Corvette gets in an accident, and your car is destroyed.

That nightmare is an unfortunate reality for several Corvette owners after a nasty wreck caused damage to a truckload of new Corvettes.

The accident happened last week in Alabama on I-65. Apparently two trucks wanted the same lane, and the unfortunate result is two damaged trucks, and a trailer full of destroyed Corvettes.

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Some of the Corvettes don’t look too bad. But the ones closer to the rear of the truck took the brunt of the damage. With the protective covers in place, it’s difficult to see the true extent. But it’s still clear that at least the last two ‘Vettes are likely total write-offs.

In cases like this, it’s a distinct possibility that the entire trailer and all of the cars on it will be declared a total loss, making their way to an insurance auction near you soon.

Where one dream ends, another begins. Once auctioned off, these Corvettes will either be repaired and enjoyed by industrious enthusiasts with more time and skill than money, or find their parts used as donors in some seriously cool project cars.

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