Sentra Driver Commits Worst Crime on Planet: Backing into a Corvette

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Sentra Bumps Corvette Home

All mortals take note, there is one thing you should never, ever do, and that’s touch another person’s Corvette in any form or fashion.

That is, unless (1) you’ve been given permission by the owner, (2) you’ve provided at least three solid references or referrals, and (3) signed a waiver that if the Corvette happens to sustain any damage due to your negligence, you agree to waive any and all legal rights typical granted to criminals or the mentally insane.

And that, my friends, is just if you want to touch another person’s ‘Vette.

The stipulations for actually being granted permission to drive another individual’s American baby should be far stiffer if you ask me. In fact, even when parking, others should be well-advised to stay clear of any Corvettes in the area. Remember, the safety motto for survival in the Corvette kingdom is, “look, but don’t touch”.

When I came across the photos of a Nissan Sentra that had backed into forum member pmata0630’s new C7, I practically choked on my lunch. The images, posted on the Corvette Forum thread here, provide evidence of a person in clear violation of everything I just mentioned.

The big question is what penalty should this Nissan driver receive?

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Corvette Forum Editors’ Preferred Punishment

Head to the forum to see what people said about this tragedy.

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