7 Things That Could Make Your C4 Corvette Sale Better

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Getting your C4 Corvette sold in a private sale isn’t always an easy thing to do. Save for a few models, the C4 just doesn’t have the same pop as say the C5 or the C2, and hell, even the C3 gets more attention. However, there are some things that help make your C4 more desirable, if you do them right. Here are seven of those things you should look towards on your own C4, to make it just a little more attention getting.

2011 "LS3" 6.2L V-8 (LS3) for Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport Coupe w/Manual Transmission (Dry Sump Oil System).

7. Engine Swap

If you have a regular, LT1-powered Corvette, it really doesn’t have much going for it, with regards to demand. However, there isn’t anything bad with the LT1, it just may have quite a few miles, and it’s not exactly any cheaper than picking up an LS-based engine. Provided you do it right, this may win you favors in potential buyers, especially if you can get an LS3 or LS6. You’ll reward your new buyer with an engine with less miles, more power, and better fuel economy over the LT.


6. Transmission Swap

This is far truer for those who own an automatic version of the C4 than the manual guys, but even converting to a newer 4L80E isn’t a bad idea if you get a 1997 and up version. Not only will you get a stronger transmission over the 4L60E, but you could possibly install the PCS Six-Speed conversion. With this, you convert the 4L80E into either a five-speed with the standard first gear ratio or into a six-speed with a better ratio first gearset. Don’t want an auto? Start looking for a T56, TKO, or a TR6060 for a more modern stick shift.


5. All Stock and Numbers Matching

Hotrodding your C4 is fun, but you will never get your money back in the total you spent, even mentioning the above modifications. If you have something that is rare, say a Quasar Blue Z51 six-speed from 1990, keeping it stock would be the best thing to do, as you’ll get more money out of it in the long run. Even original six-speed cars can fetch a higher amount over most other C4s.


4. Turn It Into a Full Race Car

Yeah, again, you won’t get more money out of it, but it may catch the eyes of more potential buyers looking for a well prepared race car to take to the track. Mostly because it’s better to buy a built race car over building one yourself, but you already have a bone stock, bare C4, so stripping it down and turning it into a racer isn’t so bad, and nothing of any real value is being lost. Yet.


3. Go the Full Monty and Roadkill It

You really want to turn heads? Then follow the exact process that Roadkill did and turn it into a large gokart. It seriously looks fun, and will definitely turn heads and result in clicks. Hell, you may even make some money in the process before selling the actual chassis.


2. Part It Out

Ok, you don’t want to hear that, but if your C4 isn’t exactly in great running condition, it’s something to consider. These cars are hard to find in the junkyard, if at all. So giving a C4 new life by selling your good but used parts is a great way to get more money in the long run.


1. Own a ZR-1 or a Grand Sport

Well, if you have one of these hot models, we doubt you’re going to sell it anytime soon. If you do, it’s probably not going on Craigslist, but either eBay or Barrett-Jackson. However, if you do, be sure to let us know, as that will probably make for an interesting write-up.

Here is a bonus: Sell your C4 here on CorvetteForum. This is the best place to find the right enthusiast, as we are all Corvette fans. You’ll know that your Corvette will most likely end up in the hands of someone who will appreciate it over someone who will destroy it, or turn it into a garage queen.

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Justin Banner is a regular contributor to LS1Tech and JK Forum, among other auto sites.

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