Silver Sport Transmissions Hits the Road with Hot Rod Power Tour 2018

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Silver Sport Transmissions’ C3 Corvette teaches us all an important lesson.

Ah, Summer, the perfect time to get your hot rod out and go for a drive. It’s cruising season.

What if you wanted to do a bigger sort of cruise? Something more than the drive to the local cars and coffee. Silver Sport Transmissions, a Corvette Forum vendor, decided to do just that and join the Hot Rod Power Tour. The Power Tour is a one week group road trip from Bowling Green, Kentucky, where Corvettes are made, to Concord, North Carolina. Along the way the Tour stops at different way points every day.

Silver Sport is well-known in the Corvette community for offering everything transmission for late model hot rods. Clutches, transmissions, adapter kits, you name it, they produce, make or sell it. Naturally, the Power Tour would be a great place to bring two of Silver Sport’s hot rods, a C3 Corvette and a ’65 Tempest, out to play.

Indeed, the open road was an excellent test of Silver Sport’s cars, both of which have been converted with Tremec manual transmissions. As a result of these modern transmission upgrades, both cars appeared to be quite happy cruising along between 70-80 MPH.

Things got interesting once traffic set in. The ’70 Corvette, in gorgeous Daytona Yellow, eventually began to overheat. Old car cooling systems can act up like that. Eventually, the team at Silver Sport had to pull over and let the C3 cool.

Silver Sport’s Tempest ran cold as ice, thanks to another product they sell: Champion cooling systems. The big Champion aluminum radiator kept things in check. Practice what you preach, a Champion radiator was ordered for the C3 for future cruising.

Eventually, the C3 cooled and the team at SST made it to their destination, C3 included.

If you’re interested in hearing more about Silver Sport and their experiences at the Hot Rod Power Tour, head over to their site. Whether you’re looking for driveline goodies for your Corvette, or, in this case, maybe some refreshed cooling components to combat the Summer heat, they likely have what your need for your ride.

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